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Technology enabled care services from a trusted provider

Telecare alarms and assistive technology, provided by Tunstall Healthcare

Industry leading telecare systems

Tunstall Healthcare is the global leader in assistive technology, telecare alarms and telecare systems. Our innovative devices and solutions provide confidence and reassurance for individuals in their homes, communities and in residential care.

The peace of mind provided by our solutions is second to none, thanks to our 24/7 response monitoring centre and expert planned and responsive service and maintenance. Our commitment to research and development, and collaboration with customers allows us to evolve with the transformation of healthcare as we move into a digital future.

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Why choose Tunstall telecare?

Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

Consultancy and Co-Production

Consultancy and Co-Production

24/7 Monitoring and Response

24/7 Monitoring and Response

Service and Maintenance

Service and Maintenance

Training and Education

Training and Education

Is your telecare home monitoring ready for digital?

Telecare systems, also known as technology enabled care, help the elderly and those with long term needs to live more independently, with an improved quality of life. Technology enabled care gives peace of mind to users, carers and family members through monitoring and support 24 hours a day, at the press of a pendant alarm button.

Our telecare solutions have been tried, tested and trusted for decades; and now Lifeline Smart Hub and Lifeline Digital are ready to take home monitoring into the future, in line with the 2025 analogue to digital switch deadline.

Lifeline Smart Hub units work with a large range of home sensors or as personal devices; triggered by personal or environmental events, such as falls, smoke, inactivity, or flooding. Once triggered, the home care alarm connects to a response centre and, in some cases, triggers an audible alarm throughout the property.

Lifeline Digital offers a whole new generation of modern telecare; ready to provide future-ready connectivity.

Equipped with advanced, optimised features, from multiple alarm paths to reliable signalling, this home hub is all systems go for the digital switchover.

Find out more about our hybrid analogue and digital (IP) solutions Lifeline Smart Hub  and  Lifeline Digital



Assistive telecare and mobile solutions, both in and outside the home

Tunstall Healthcare provides a range of innovative sensors and devices that allow people like the elderly, with learning difficulties or long-term health conditions, live independently for longer.

Fall detectors and panic alarms  include the MyAmie pendant alarm, iVi Intelligent pendant alarm, Vibby fall detector or the Tunstall GO mobile alarm device.

These wearable devices all have an alarm button that connects the user to the monitoring centre when pressed.

The iVi and Vibby also automatically detect falls, immediately connecting the user to the centre without any further action from them. 


All providing the user with greater independence within the home.

Mobile Solutions like the Tunstall GO, allow for reassurance outside of the home, featuring GPS locator, fall detection, SOS button and two-way communication. GO complements telecare systems by allowing the user to easily raise an alarm to the monitoring centre should they need help while away from the home.

Environmental sensors can be placed strategically around the home to detect changes in the environment, such as CO, fire or smoke, flooding or inactivity. These automatically sound an alarm throughout the home, as well as connecting to the monitoring centre for the relevant services to be notified.

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Digital Telecare Solutions

By 2025, all UK telephone lines will have moved from analogue to digital, meaning all monitored telecare devices need to be digitally enabled.

We’re working closely with telecare providers to make sure you’ll be ready for the transition and able to make the most from the benefits that digital provides.

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