Vibby Fall Detector

A wearable fall detection device.

Supporting residents at risk of falling

Vibby Fall Detector detects hard falls, raises an automatic alert, and allows users to manually call for help.

Providing extra confidence to people living independently

Vibby Fall Detector can be beneficial for those living with limited mobility or learning difficulties, plus older people and individuals experiencing long term health conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes, or Parkinson’s disease.

How does it work?

Using advanced technology, the Vibby automatically detects serious falls in the home using a pressure sensor. It immediately raises an alarm, via a Tunstall telecare hub, to a monitoring centre or a carer’s pager. The sensor, worn on either the wrist or on a pendant around the neck, works with an innovative algorithm, which measures loss of altitude and speed and can detect if a person falls from an upright position.

The wearer can also raise an alert directly from their device. Any alarm raised is confirmed via vibration and an LED light. In case of a false alarm, the alert can be cancelled by the wearer, by covering the sensor or standing up within 20 seconds.

Suitable for those who may be at risk of falling in the home.



  • Peace of mind for individuals, family members and carers.
  • Added confidence for people living independently.
  • Quicker response times to serious falls
  • False alarms reduced with automatic cancellation if the wearer gets up within 20 seconds.
  • Contact and support with monitoring centre and carers.

Detects hard falls and raises an automatic alert.

Technical features:

  • Automatic fall detection alert.
  • Additional manual trigger to raise fall alert.
  • Vibration and LED light confirmation.
  • Easily cancelled alerts to minimise false alarms.


  • Waterproof and shock resistant wearable device.
  • Hypoallergenic plastic.
  • Replaceable battery and auto low battery reporting.
  • Compatible with all Tunstall 869MHz systems.
  • Plug and play registration and configuration app.
  • 50m range from hub.

The latest digital technology to enable vulnerable people to feel safer, secure and independent.

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