Lifeline Smart Hub and DMP

Lifeline Smart Hub

The Smart Hub is Tunstall Healthcare UK’s first IP home unit, opening a new world of possibilities for the provision of care in the home. The advent of IP and mobile technology means that for the first time all elements of Connected Care can link together.

With digital connectivity and Tunstall’s new Device Management Platform (DMP), the Smart Hub provides a ground-breaking, future-proof foundation for the delivery of Connected Care.


  • Complete ‘Connected Care’ home unit with monitoring and alarm features
  • Remote configuration and device management via the Device Management Platform (DMP)
  • Over the air firmware updates to enable quick and seamless introduction of new services
  • Robust and reliable with regular heartbeat checks to ensure performance and functionality of the hub
  • Advanced sensor integration - compatible with current Tunstall sensors e.g. Smoke, CO, Fall detectors
  • Digital IP technology for a future-proof solution with cellular and ethernet connectivity providing robust network connectivity 
  • Reporting and event tracking for proactively managing care 
  • Future integration with smartphone apps 
  • Future expansion of features and services to meet users’ evolving needs
  • Reversion protocol – as backup to IP
  • Controlled levels of user access
  • Configuration set up templates


  • Cloud-based Connected Care for the future
  • 24/7 real time wellbeing monitoring
  • Robust, reliable and reassuring help at home
  • Future proof IP technology

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