The Lifeline Smart Hub

Seamless, digitally connected care in the home.

Completely connected alarm system for the home

The Lifeline Smart Hub is Tunstall Healthcare UK’s latest IP unit for connected care in the home, opening a new world of possibilities for people to live independently for longer.

Bringing remote sensors, monitoring and response together

The Smart Hub will link with a wide range of sensors around the home and is directly connected to monitoring centres through IP technology. Up to 50 sensors can be linked, including heat, carbon monoxide, fall detection, and fire and smoke, ensuring that the user has access to help in their home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cloud-based connected care

The Lifeline Smart Hub is Tunstall’s most powerful home unit. Using cloud-based technology – Tunstall’s secure Device Management Platform (DMP) and call handling (including PNC or other compatible monitoring systems) – the Smart Hub provides advanced, future-proof, fully connected, remote patient care.

24/7 wellbeing monitoring

Round the clock monitoring links service users with immediate assistance from anywhere in their home. Intelligent connectivity and monitoring means that wellbeing tracking and alarm data is live and in real time. The DMP also captures data on the performance of the hub and any linked devices. Live updates available through the DMP web platform enable proactive management of the Smart Hub for a complete care solution.

Robust and reliable for reassurance at home

Whether it’s for support in the home or in group living accommodation, the flexibility offered by the Smart Hub gives users, families and carers the reassurance that help is always on hand. Automated heartbeats confirm units are active and connected to mains power. A long battery life protects users in the event of an outage to ensure continuous monitoring and a response to alarm calls and requests for support.

Designed to evolve

The high degree of flexibility and state-of-the-art technology offered by the Smart Hub system benefits a variety of users. Smart Hubs are registered, configured and updated remotely as an individual user’s needs change, minimising disruption for the service user and reducing the need and cost of maintenance visits.

The Smart Hub gives confidence to older people living alone, those recuperating after a hospital stay and anybody with reduced mobility or long-term health conditions.


How does it work?

Alarm calls are made when the user presses a button on the Smart Hub or pendant worn on the neck or wrist. Calls are sent over a cellular network or ethernet connection via the home broadband network. Calls are answered by specially trained remote monitoring centre operators, who access the user’s information through PNC and respond appropriately, either contacting a family member, a neighbour or calling the emergency services. IP technology not only allows calls to be made, but can also collect monitoring data, provide vital information on the hub’s status and enable remote upgrades. It also supports the introduction of future services, including smartphone apps.

Lifeline Smart Hub In Situ.jpg

Technical features:

  • Complete ‘Connected Care’ home unit with monitoring and alarm features
  • Remote configuration and device management via the Device Management Platform (DMP)
  • Remote updates to enable quick and seamless introduction of new services
  • Robust and reliable with regular heartbeat checks to ensure performance and functionality of the hub
  • Advanced sensor integration – Compatible with current Tunstall sensors e.g. Smoke, CO, Fall detectors
  • Digital IP technology for a future-proof solution with cellular and ethernet connectivity providing robust network connectivity
  • Reporting and event tracking for proactively managing care
  • Future expansion of features and services to meet users’ evolving needs
  • Reversion protocol – as backup to IP
  • Controlled levels of user access
  • Configuration set up templates
  • Optimum cellular connectivity
  • Enhanced Intruder Alert functionality
  • VOIP over 4G connection

Features for the user:

  • Multiple positioning options – flat, table stand or wall mount
  • High quality speech – with automatic gain control
  • Audible status messages – providing clear and intuitive feedback to the user
  • Automatic audible warning alerts – the unit alerts the user to mains and communication failure/resumption with a visual and spoken message
  • Optional local audible warnings – non-critical warnings such as mains failure can be turned off at night to avoid disturbing the user
  • Away mode button – suspends inactivity monitoring
  • Event based configuration – all events are configurable to select the required behaviour and response to events
  • Basic inactivity monitoring – checks for inactivity over a 12 or 24-hour period
  • Event blocking during configurable time window(s)
  • Virtual Property Exit Sensor functionality - intelligently process a series of events within the Smart Hub to determine a course of action
  • Door lock release under control of the monitoring centre

The Lifeline Smart Hub is robust, reliable, future-proof and easy to install.

Tunstall’s Lifeline Smart Hub. Connecting people, connecting care.

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