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Digital Transition

Transitioning from Analogue to Digital

With Openreach, the national telecoms infrastructure provider, announcing that by 2027 everyone will have been moved from analogue to IP voice telephone services, the UK's switch to digital is well under way.

What is the digital transition? 

Currently, most people have analogue phones that plug directly into a socket on the wall. As we see demand for technology such as laptops, tablets, and smart devices increasing, the UK’s communications infrastructure needs to be upgraded to accommodate increased use.

This has resulted in national telecoms infrastructure providers upgrading their networks, gradually replacing analogue lines with digital ones, which will require phones to be connected to an analogue telephone adapter (ATA) box or router provided by the user’s communications provider (phone company). Openreach plans to complete works by 31 January 2027, increasing system capacity and capability, as well as providing a foundation for future technological advancement.

How does this impact the telecare sector?

The transition to digital presents both opportunities and challenges to health, housing, and social care providers. The upgrade to the UK's communications network along with advancing digital technology solutions has the potential to transform service delivery, making it more person-centred, preventative, and efficient, enabling data and information to be collected, analysed and interpreted, improving services for citizens.

Telecare technology has a key role to play in enabling services to be delivered in innovative ways, placing citizens at the heart of their decision making. It is relatively low-cost, helps citizens to stay living in a place of their choice for longer with increased quality of life, plays a part in avoiding hospital admissions and often prevents or at least delays the need for residential care.

Tunstall is focused on developing these solutions and services to support users, families and providers as we progress through the digital transition.


Opportunities for the telecare sector

Improved safety

Improved safety

Better service provision

Better service provision

More proactive approach

More proactive approach

Increased efficiency

Increased efficiency

Integrated and prevention

Integrated and prevention

How can Tunstall help telecare providers?

  • Understand the scope and scale of their digital challenge
  • Work across housing, health and social care
  • Support with local digital upgrade roll out plans based on the Openreach stop sell exchange 
  • Define upgrade and implementation options
  • Build innovative procurement models and upgrade packages
  • Ensure solutions maintain industry standards and deliver quality
  • Maximise the opportunities presented by digital solutions
  • Communicate effectively with citizens

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Whether you're a local telecare service, monitoring centre or housing provider, here's how we can help...

Tunstall Lifeline Digital, setting a new standard in telecare home hubs

Tunstall Lifeline Digital is our next generation home hub supporting IP alarm protocols and the analogue to digital transition. It’s the most advanced Lifeline hub we’ve ever produced, with superb connectivity providing a platform for highly personalised and efficient care solutions and an improved user experience. 

Find out more about Lifeline Digital  


PNC IP, your call monitoring software for a digital future

Proven, flexible and reliable, Tunstall’s PNC IP solution can be built around the unique needs of your monitoring centre, supporting both analogue and digital services across the full range of living environments enabling you to phase your investments and move seamlessly towards the digital future.  

Find out more about PNC IP

Digital Consultancy Service for the upgrade of schemes

We have developed clear upgrade paths and our specialist staff are available to offer expert advice and guidance on the most effective way to upgrade existing systems, whether that be recent Communicall Vi or Vi IP systems or equipment as old as 25 years.

Book a meeting with your Regional Account Manager

Customer Case Study with Beyond Housing

In 2022, Beyond Housing launched it's new independent living service, Reach & Respond, an integral part of their strategy as we move into a digital communications era. Hear how they are navigating the digital journey with the support from Tunstall. 

View the full case study, including interviews from Chief Operating Officer, Steve Rawson and Digital & Technology Coordinator, Robin Hepples.

TECS is a major part of the way LHP delivers excellent services for all stakeholders and working with Tunstall has helped us to shape our service to become more agile and maximise the opportunities presented by the digital future for both our tenants and colleagues. We are driven by the same customer focused goals and working to achieve the same outcomes.

John O’Hanrahan, Customer Service Centre Manager, LHP


Let us help you with the digital transition