Monitoring and Response

Specialist, Resilient Monitoring Solutions

Tunstall Response provides 24 hour support to individuals with a range of needs, including older people, those with long-term conditions, individuals with complex needs, people with dementia, hearing impairments and users for whom English is not their first language. Response also supports other monitoring centres throughout the UK with services including out of hours monitoring, out of hours emergency repairs triage, disaster recovery, hosted services, lone worker and contracted out services.

Tunstall Response Annual Report 2021
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Tunstall Response Services include:

  • Telecare monitoring – 24/7
  • Telehealth monitoring and triage
  • Hosted Services
  • Infrastructures (virtual centres) and call managed services
  • Lone worker services and monitoring
  • Out of hours repair call monitoring
  • Out of hours anti-social behaviour calls signposting
  • Out of hours homelessness calls signposting
  • Out of hours temporary housing signposting
  • Disaster recovery for other PNC centres
  • Domestic violence calls
  • Lone worker monitoring
  • Reassurance calls
  • Outbound preventative campaigns


New Models of Person-Centred Care

Tunstall's Connected Services portfolio is based on extensive international experience in the telecare industry. Solutions built on proven economic and service user outcome metrics. Tunstall has designed a proactive and personalised model of remote care based on a segmentation of the users and their needs. This delivers a tailored package of proactive services according to the needs of each person, ensuring the provision of person-centred care.

Traditional Technology Enabled Care (TEC) has been developed from a robust approach to critical alarm handling. This is often described as a Responsive or Reactive model of care. The service user triggers an alarm by pressing a pendant button or a smoke, flood or gas detector, which has served the market well for many years. The need to manage an ever-increasing demand combined with shrinking budgets is leading Government Funded care providers to look at transformational models of care delivery and management.

Our Solutions

Tunstall’s portfolio of products and services is underpinned by our global experience of using technology to enable new models of care, working in partnership with our customers to manage demand and improve outcomes across the health, housing and social care landscape.

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