Tunstall GO™

Tunstall GO™

GO is the perfect companion to a telecare package, offering two-way speech, fall detection and locatability for reassurance away from home. The GO can support a wide range of users, providing them with the confidence to remain independent and connected to their communities, including:

  • People at risk of falls
  • People with early stage dementia
  • People with learning disabilities
  • People recently discharged from hospital
  • Lone workers

Features and benefits

  • SOS button – If the user requires help, they can press both buttons on the device which will raise a call to the monitoring centre, open a two-way voice using the loudspeaker and provide location details.
  • Fall sensor – While worn as a pendant, GO can be used to detect falls. Upon activation, the device will automatically raise a call to the monitoring centre, open two-way voice communication, as well as providing GPS location details
  • Location updates – Upon completion of a call being raised to the monitoring centre, GO will provide updated location details for 20 minutes (this time period is configurable)
  • Voice messages – Clearly describes the current state of the device to the end user, for example if the battery is getting low
  • Wireless charging – GO is extremely easy to charge, by placing it on the wireless charging cradle
  • SmartCare Cloud Platform – SmartCare Cloud can be used to configure GO devices, tailoring specific functionality for individual users
  • SmartCare Locate Platform – SmartCare Locate is used in conjunction with PNC to update the monitoring centre with the GPS location of users, after an alert has been raised

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