Tunstall Service Platform

Tunstall Service Platform is a best-in-class collection of software modules that provides a powerful platform for the delivery of effective care and support services, enabling new models of care which are more efficient, proactive and integrated.

Tunstall Service Platform has been developed to underpin the end-to-end delivery of telecare services across four main areas:

  • Call and alarm handling
  • Back office telecare service delivery
  • Service provisioning and job scheduling
  • Proactive services

Tunstall Service Platform can be delivered on-premise, with hardware purchased and maintained by the customer, or accessed via Software as a Service, a subscription-based model which dramatically reduces the need for onsite infrastructure and IT support, as well as providing ongoing software updates, 24-hour technical support and business continuity.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use – intuitive user interface and task automation for speed, accuracy and efficiency
  • Scalable - modern micro service-based architecture allows for unlimited customer and service user growth
  • Flexible - Allows for rapid cloud-based deployment on industry standard clouds (Azure and AWS)
  • Interoperable – with a wide range of protocols and allowing seamless integration to 3rd party systems via industry standard APIs
  • Proactive – enables a preventative approach using proactive calling campaigns e.g. loneliness, public health
  • Future proof – IP ready and secure by design
  • Trusted – number one customer choice in the UK, with tailored support and back-up

Find out more about how Tunstall Service Platform can increase your centre’s efficiency today, and provide the foundation for future service growth and new ways of working.
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PNC IP is Tunstall's IP-enabled real time call handling solution to manage and respond to alarms that are triggered by a service user or a device. As part of the Tunstall Service Platform, PNC IP can support multi tenancy, and multiple protocols, both analogue and digital.

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Tunstall Lifeline Digital

Tunstall Lifeline Digital

Tunstall Lifeline Digital is our next generation home hub, designed for a digital future, with superb connectivity providing a platform for highly personalised and efficient care solutions and an improved user experience.  

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