Smoke Alarm

Smoke Alarm

A wireless optical smoke alarm for the home with two alarms – one is an audible alarm that sounds within the property and the second alarm signal is automatically sent to the Lifeline or other Tunstall telecare enabled systems which link to the 24-hour monitoring centre – offering peace of mind and support.


  • Detects smoke and automatically raises two alarms
  • Simple and straightforward wireless installation with minimal disruption
  • Sealed internal lithium battery powering both the smoke alarm and radio module
  • 10-year battery life with auto low battery reporting
  • Accredited to EN 14604:2009 standard for domestic smoke detector safety
  • Transmission to Cat 1 radio receiver ensures that signals from sensors are reliably received
  • Safety lock to prevent easy removal of the smoke alarm


  • Homes equipped with smoke detectors continue to discover fires more rapidly than those without and are associated with lower casualty rates and less damage
  • Immediate response if fire is detected with local alarm and a call to the 24-hour monitoring centre with operators who can alert emergency services
  • Simple installation offering immediate and automatic protection
  • Protection from the devastating effects of fire including risk to life and damage to property
  • Long battery life reduces maintenance and battery replacement costs

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