The Lifeline Smart Hub

Tunstall Lifeline Digital is now available as our next generation home hub. 

Compatible with PNC IP and the existing Tunstall sensor portfolio, Lifeline Digital can support IP alarm connectivity .  

We have now retired our Lifeline Smart Hub from sale so we can help you make the most of the exciting digital future. Our move is in line with the TSA’s recommendations on purchasing IP-enabled solutions.

We will continue to support existing Lifeline Smart Hub units, providing essential firmware support via DMP updates for deployed units. Additionally, the standard warranty from purchase remains applicable for all existing units.

As the UK’s communications providers continue to drive towards a fully digital infrastructure by the close of 2025, we have plenty of resources, advice and help for you to develop the strategy that’s right for you and the people you support.  

To find out more about how we can help, or for further information about existing orders for Lifeline Smart Hub please get in touch on 

Lifeline Smart Hub product documents can now be found in the Archive Product Information section.

Tunstall Lifeline Digital

Tunstall Lifeline Digital

Tunstall Lifeline Digital is our next generation home hub, designed for a digital future, with superb connectivity providing a platform for highly personalised and efficient care solutions and an improved user experience.  

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PNC IP is Tunstall's IP-enabled real time call handling solution to manage and respond to alarms that are triggered by a service user or a device. As part of the Tunstall Service Platform, PNC IP can support multi tenancy, and multiple protocols, both analogue and digital.

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