Residential and Nursing Care

Complex Care Solutions

Our aim is to deliver high-quality, flexible and responsive care for users with complex needs in 24/7 staffed facilities. Patients in this sector are often older, less active users and need significant assistance with every day tasks. They will have complex conditions and will not be able to live independently, needing round the clock support from on-site staff.



Tunstall's tailored Residential and Nursing Care solutions provide:

  • 24/7 monitoring and support
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Improved staff and patient experience
  • Reduced primary and secondary care calls
  • Prolonged escalation of increased care needs
  • Reduction in total cost of care
  • Increased efficiency

Intelligent monitoring for care homes

NHS Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group

The Challenge

  • Patients in care homes represented over 13.5% of acute bed days, 9.1% of emergency admissions and 17.5% of GP home visits
  • Incresing ageing population creates a stretch on health resources and creates need for more community-based care

The Solution

  • Connected care monitoring devices managed with Tunstall PNC software
  • Matron-led multi-disciplinary team working directly in care homes
  • Tunstall workflow consulting service

  • 33% decrease in emergency admissions

    33% decrease in emergency admissions

  • 7000 acute bed days saved

    7000 acute bed days saved

  • Over 45% decreasein GP call outs

    Over 45% decreasein GP call outs

  • £1.2 million saving over two years

    £1.2 million saving over two years

  • 17,000 people with long term conditions addressed

    17,000 people with long term conditions addressed

  • Increased staff productivity and morale

    Increased staff productivity and morale

Calderdale Council and NHS Trust has significantly benefitted from an innovative programme in residential care support. By harnessing technology to fundamentally improve productivity; putting people in charge of their own health and social care; integrating more health and care services Calderdale has improved the quality of life for patients and achieved a £1.2 million saving over two years.

NHS Calderdale

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