Residential and Nursing Care

Tunstall's Carecom takes a new approach to nurse call systems for residential and nursing care homes, created for people, not buildings, bringing benefits to residents, their families as well as carers and managers.

Supporting care providers

As our population ages, they are also supporting people with increasingly complex care needs. Technology has a key role to play in helping providers and staff to manage these challenges and deliver effective, high quality and person-centred care.

Our proactive, insightful and flexible systems are tailored to the unique demands of residential care, using technology to deliver the best possible experience for residents, carers and managers.

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Carecom advanced care assist system

Care assist systems play an important role in resident safety, but traditional installations are cumbersome and generic – designed around buildings rather than people and sounding throughout the home in the case of an incident, causing disturbance and stress for residents, staff and visiting family.

Carecom is different: 
  • Discreet predominantly wireless, app-based solution
  • Reporting on each alert is automated, consolidated and auditable
  • Flexible system that can be customised

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Carecom: the system and how it works

The Carecom advanced care assist system facilitates the creation of “bubbles” which may reduce risk of infection and encourage occupancy.

Carecom advanced care assist system - how it works

Carecom has made such a massive difference to everyone’s lives – residents, staff and relatives. Residents feel much safer knowing how quickly they can get help at the touch of a button. It’s enabled us to improve the way we deliver care in ways no traditional system ever could.

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Residential and Nursing Care Brochure

Carecom personalised systems ensure resident safety with minimal disruption to others in the home, respecting individual dignity while improving management insights, workflow efficiencies, staff morale and quality of care

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Carecom Advanced Care Assist System for Care Settings

Carecom takes a new approach to nurse call systems for residential and nursing care homes. It uses wireless and digital technology to enable care to be tailored to the individual, ensuring the delivery of care is more efficient, flexible and responsive.

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