Tunstall+ app for Lifeline Hubs

Efficiently configure, connect, and control Tunstall devices

Designed specifically for installers of Tunstall equipment, Tunstall+ streamlines the installation of Lifeline Smart Hub and Lifeline Digital units and associated sensors into users’ homes.

The app walks the installer step-by-step through the process of checking the hubs status for power and connectivity, adding associated sensors and configuring essential settings.

Tunstall+ increases installation efficiency

By simplifying and automating the process through an intuitive interface, Tunstall+ provides a better installation experience for installers, Service Providers, and users.

Tunstall+ is designed to work with Lifeline Digital, Smart Hub and Tunstall sensors, linking to the Tunstall DMP platform.

Simplifies installation

Providing a better experience for all installers and Service Providers.

Improves efficiency

Reduces the amount of time taken to configure Lifeline Hubs and sensors.

Adding value to the Device Management Platform

Offers a choice of configuration methods.

Automates setup for additional services

Removes the need for manual intervention.

Increases accuracy

Reduces human error by scanning device barcodes.


Tunstall+ gives installers step-by-step guidance to configure and control connected Tunstall devices.

Technical features:

  • Locate a Lifeline Smart Hub using the camera to scan the 2D barcode or use the keyboard to enter the device’s serial number (PRC)
  • Locate a Lifeline Digital using Near Field Communication (NFC), hover phone over the hub to identify
  • Identify and update new firmware for Lifleine Digital and Smart Hub
  • Add unit ID to single/all destinations - configure the unit ID of the Lifeline Digital and Smart Hub
  • Sensors - easily manage sensors: add by scanning the barcode and swipe to delete


  • Configuration of hub features:
    • Integral Ambient Temperature
    • IP Periodic Calls - configure IP alarm calls
    • GSM Periodic Calls
    • Time windows - alarm events schedule
    • Virtual Property Exit
  • Migration - move a device from one district to another
  • Sensor clone - import sensors from a different device
  • Template - apply an existing template to a device

Tunstall+ increases efficiency and improves the user experience by making it quicker and easier to set up telecare equipment.

Tunstall+ app for Lifeline Digital and Smart Hub. Connecting people, connecting care.

Tunstall Lifeline Digital

Tunstall Lifeline Digital

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