Sefton Council - preparing their careline service for a digital future

Sefton Careline - preparing for the digital transition

Jul 20, 2023

Sefton Careline is preparing for the digital transition to ensure the people it supports continue to receive its life enhancing services. How has Tunstall Healthcare helped them to achieve their aims with both technology and training?

Transitioning to a SaaS model

Sefton Careline is investing in the future by developing and implementing a digital strategy that will ensure its service remains robust and resilient as the UK’s communications network transitions from analogue to IP. It also aims to reshape the service, using digital solutions and smarter workflows to increase its capacity and therefore sustainability.

The Careline needed to update its old PNC6 calls handling software before the transition, and so undertook a thorough market review before upgrading to Tunstall’s PNC SaaS platform.

Moving to a SaaS platform avoids the time and costs associated with sourcing, maintaining and managing hardware infrastructure, provides robust business continuity and the assurance of always operating on the latest version of software.

It also removes restrictions on operator location, enabling the service to become more agile if needed, and workflow guidance enables quicker response times and therefore increased capacity and an improved service user experience.

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Hear from Sefton's Careline Operators and Administration team...

I would 100% recommend Tunstall. They understand what we do and identify ways they can help. The whole team is really hands on and so easy to deal with. They’re always there when we need them and act as an extension of our own team

Joanne Alty, Sefton Careline Manager, Sefton Council

Ongoing support and training 

Careline and Tunstall worked closely together to ensure the project was managed and delivered without impacting on service users, and that the data migration was seamless. Operators received support from Tunstall’s specialist training team prior to using the new system, but as the software is intuitive and an evolution of PNC, training was straightforward.

The Tunstall training team was also asked to deliver training on telecare assessment, equipment and installation to two installers (one new, one in post for some time) and a Trusted Assessor. A full day’s in person training was delivered, followed by further training on installing and programming Tunstall Lifeline Smart Hubs online.

The training has helped Sefton Careline to get the most out of their investment in technology by helping staff to fully realise its capabilities and how best to use it to help service users in a range of scenarios.

Both Installers and the Assessor have reported feeling much more confident in prescribing, installing and programming equipment. The training also enabled the Assessor to feel confident in completing straightforward installations, increasing the efficiency of the service.

Sefton Careline will be undertaking regular refresher training courses to ensure all staff have up to date knowledge of the systems it provides and how to deploy them effectively.

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Hear from Helen, an Installer at Sefton Careline about the ongoing training and support that Tunstall provide...


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