ICP triagemanager

What is it?

ICP triagemanager is a web-based application which enables clinicians to interpret vital signs readings and health interview responses provided by patients living in their own home, or in a residential care setting. Clinicians can monitor and manage patients remotely and deliver more proactive and preventative care.

As part of Tunstall's Integrated Care Platform, triagemanager links to myMobile or myKiosk, where patients enter their vital signs readings using medical sensors, and answer health related question sets.

The software is fully scalable, with no limit to the number of patient connections. It is used in 12 countries across Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.

How does it work?

While at home, patients use medical sensors to take relevant vital signs readings. These sensors connect via Bluetooth to the myMobile or myKiosk app on their Android or iOS device (a web-based browser version is also available).

In addition to the vital signs readings, patients also answer individualised health questions using the myMobile or myKiosk app on their Android or iOS device (a web-based browser version is also available).

This health information is then securely transmitted directly to a clinician or to a monitoring centre where trained operators view the data using triagemanager.
Results which breach the parameters set for that patient will raise an alert on the system, prioritising them on the triage screen using colour coding (RED - AMBER - GREEN) relating to the level of risk.

Either the clinician will directly manage their patients, or an operator will follow local protocol, alerting a clinician if appropriate. They can then contact the patient to offer advice, schedule a visit, host a video conference call, or take other action such as prescribing emergency medication.

Clinicians can also access data remotely at any time  to gain valuable insight into trends, for example when titrating medicine, helping to inform ongoing care plans. triagemanager has a wealth of functionality to enable the efficient delivery of a Connected Health service and can be easily integrated with other patient management systems.

Who is it for?

ICP triagemanager has been designed to support people living with a range of long-term physical and mental health conditions, where regular collection of health data is beneficial. It allows patients to manage their health at home and allows clinicians to work effectively and efficiently.



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