ICP myKiosk

What is it?

The Tunstall ICP myKiosk is a tablet-based multi-user remote patient monitoring system, which enables multiple patients to participate in telehealth
monitoring programmes using shared equipment.

myKiosk enables clinicians and carers to support patients to capture their vital signs and symptoms in multi-occupancy environments such as care homes, and can be used by community based nurses to support multiple patients in their own homes.

myKiosk connects patients and clinicians, providing objective insight into a patient’s health status which enables more proactive and preventative care.

myKiosk is part of Tunstall’s Integrated Care Platform, which combines software, hardware and devices to enable patients with long term conditions to be effectively supported in the community.

ICP triagemanager® software is fully scalable and allows clinicians to view the health status of any number of patients remotely, and effectively prioritise their care.

How does it work?

myKiosk is flexible and easy to use and enables care delivery to be tailored to the needs of individual patients. A clinician will create each user’s
monitoring plan by selecting the appropriate medical grade peripheral devices, such as thermometer, blood pressure cuff and weighing scales.

When scheduled, a clinician or carer will help the patient to take their vital signs readings, which are then transmitted via Bluetooth to myKiosk. The
patient will then be guided through an individualised on screen health questionnaire, which asks them questions relating to their current symptoms.

Their responses and the vital signs readings are then securely transmitted to a monitoring centre where trained operators view the data on screen using Tunstall’s ICP triagemanager patient management software. Results which breach the parameters set for that patient will raise an alert on
the system, prioritising them on the triage screen using colour coding relating to the level of risk.

Operators will follow the local protocol by alerting a clinician, if appropriate, who can then contact the patient to offer advice, schedule a visit or take other action such as prescribing emergency medication. Vital sign readings which fall outside the patient’s limits can also be configured to generate an SMS or email alert to the care team, ensuring they are alerted to urgent medical events at an early stage.

Clinicians can also access data remotely at any time to gain valuable insight into trends, for example when titrating medicine, helping to inform ongoing care plans.

Who is it for?

myKiosk has been created specifically for those who have a health condition where regular collection of health data is either essential, or at least beneficial to their ailment.

The system has proven to be particularly effective for the treatment of people with long term conditions such as COPD, Cardio Vascular Disease, Diabetes and Hypertension.

myKiosk also includes a specific COVID-19 health questionnaire to enable symptom tracking. It can also be useful to monitor the health of people with dementia, who may find it difficult to articulate their symptoms.

myKiosk can be used in settings such as residential or care homes, supported living environments such as extra care, or in retirement housing developments.

Clinicians can also use a single myKiosk system to monitor the health of multiple patients when visiting them in their own homes.

Residential and Nursing Care

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