Carecom Advanced Care Assist System for Care Settings

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Carecom advanced care assist system
– created for people, not buildings

Tunstall Carecom takes a completely new approach to
nurse call systems for residential and nursing care homes.

Carecom technology
improves the quality of
care for everyone.

Balancing safety with quality care provision, and
ever-increasing reporting requirements has never
been more challenging and was acutely exacerbated
by COVID-19.
Care home monitoring systems play an important role
in resident safety, but traditional emergency nurse call
systems, with nurse call buttons, are designed around
buildings, rather than people. Alarm sounding
throughout the home causes disturbance and stress
for residents, staff and visiting family.


Person-centred care.

Installed wireless and digital technology enables care
to be delivered where and when it is needed most.
Receivers and beacons are placed around the building,
which interact with smart pendants worn by residents,
enabling the system to pinpoint their exact location.
Caregivers are able to manage the system on a
number of devices, including a mobile app, and are not
just alerted to events, but also the nature of the event
(e.g. fall, seizure, exit from a room or property), who
needs assistance and their location.

Individual monitoring, with discrete care team notifications.

Tunstall Carecom personalised systems ensure resident
safety with minimal disruption to others, respecting
individual dignity while improving management insights,
workfow effciencies, staff morale and quality of care.


“We saw a reduction from 500 general
alarms, to 50 targeted alarms per shift”



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Infection control capabilities.

Carecom can also be configured to enable the delivery
of care in ‘bubbles’, supporting infection control. This
functionality can also be used to drive efficiencies by
creating practical zones in a care home building
according to differing care requirements and layout.


Carecom benefits for all users

  • Independence
  • Security and freedom of movement around a property including outside
  • Alerts prompt an efficient response from nominated carers
  • Dignity and privacy when in difficulty
  • Sensors and alerts enable personalised care
  • Calmer environment within the home

Benefits for Manager

  • Fast access to CQC and GDPR-compliant and actionable
    data insights
  • Fairer task allocation improves staff morale and retention
  • Calm environment in the home
  • Scalable, with the ability to add additional pendants, sensors and functionality as required
  • Demonstrates investment in state-of-the-art technology for the benefit of residents and staff

Benefits for Carer

  • Easy to use
  • Dedicated alerts via phone app - call for assistance/access other approved care apps
  • Fairer workload distribution improves morale in the team
  • Fewer generic alarm interruptions means more quality time with residents
  • Confidence in improved personal safety
  • High profile investment in the welfare of staff and reside

Benefits for Families

  • Investment in technology to ensure safety for all
  • Dignity and freedom for residents to enjoy their surroundings
  • Works with existing Tunstall telecare sensors for personalised care
  • Calm environment without constant alarms
  • Quality of focused interaction between staff and residents
  • Supports COVID bubbles and infection isolation zones
  • Advanced reporting capabilities for peace of mind

The new system has made such a massive difference to everyone’s lives – residents, staff and relatives. Residents feel much safer knowing how quickly they can get help at the touch of a button. It’s enabled us to improve the way we deliver care in ways no traditional system ever could.”

Jason Sharpe, Operations Manager, Park View, Halifax

Read more about how the system can benefit carers, residents and their families in our brochure, or email to speak to a member of the team  


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Transform your care home call systems and monitor the health of residents with Tunstall Carecom advanced care assist system and management solutions.

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Carecom Brochure

Carecom personalised systems ensure resident safety with minimal disruption to others in the home, respecting individual dignity while improving management insights, workflow efficiencies, staff morale and quality of care

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