Service Manager | Tunstall Service Platform

What is it? 

Service Manager is a comprehensive administration application that manages all of the back office procedures from the start to the end a user’s service provision lifecycle. It supports the creation of service agreements for a new user, to the decommissioning of installed devices, should an end user terminate their contract.

As part of the Tunstall Service Platform, it interlocks with the PNC Call Handling solution to give you a richer suite of functionality to support your end users with.

Who is it for?

Service Providers Offering 24/7 monitoring service to:

  • Service users
  • Local authorities
  • Insurance providers
  • City councils etc.

How does it work?

When a new service user is set up with a new agreement, there are a number of steps that need to take place. Service Manager supports all aspects of the onboarding process.  A user’s requirements can be gathered from a referral or a home visit can be arranged with a team of field engineers, who can assess the service user’s needs and scope the device requirements.

Tunstall also provides an optional Field Force Management tool to support these processes. An installation can then be scheduled to set everything up in the user’s place of residence.  All information is aligned with PNC, so that all the most recent information is available in real time. Service Manager provides a collection of core reports to support and assist you in meeting your agreement SLAs.

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