PNC8.3 provides a powerful, scalable and reliable technology platform, enabling flexible and efficient operator deployment, unrivalled uptime and a unique foundation for the digital future.

The latest version of our market leading PNC software smooths the transition to the digital future, helping monitoring centres to provide a quality service to the people they support, comply with GDPR and prepare for the digital transition with end-to-end IP capability. The new PNC suite of software is now available as an on premise or as a shared service hosted arrangement. A hosted PNC dramatically reduces your need for onsite infrastructure and IT support, and offers robust, flexible business continuity options. You can also be assured that you’re always operating on the latest version of software, with access to 24 hour support included in the monthly licence fee.


In addition to monitoring and call handling, PNC8.3 can be configured to include:


  • Easy to use – intuitive user interface specifically designed for speed and efficiency
  • Scalable – from small to large deployments, up to one million connections
  • Interoperable – with a wide range of protocols. Integration to 3rd party systems via REST API
  • Future proof – IP ready and secure by design
  • Trusted – Number one customer choice in the UK, with tailored support and back-up

Connected Care

Our innovative range of care solutions and services enable people to live more independent and fulfilling lives. Whether it's in an individual’s home or in residential care, our proactive and integrated approach provides 24/7 monitoring and support to deliver efficient and responsive care.

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Tunstall Response is our dedicated specialist alarm monitoring centre, providing monitoring services on behalf of over 170 local authorities, housing associations, police services and charities across the UK.

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