Field Force Manager | Tunstall Service Platform

What is it? 

Field Force Manager (FFM) is an additional Service Manager module extending the system capabilities out in the field.

Field Force Manager provided by Cognito iQ provides all the key functionality required to support a field based workforce. It enables service providers to offer a full managed solution complying with agreed SLAs, optimising time and available resources, improving security and efficiencies.

Who is it for?

Service Providers Offering 24/7 monitoring service to:

  • Service users
  • Local authorities
  • Insurance providers
  • City councils etc.

How does it work?

Field Force Manager (FFM) integrates with the Task Management provided within Service Manager. Once a referral has been approved or a change request has been scheduled, FFM enables the assignment of assessments and installations to a master roster that  can be accessed via a mobile app on the road by  field engineers. The rosters can be updated and shared in real-time.

FFM also allows engineers to manage their own stock and itinerary on the move, ensuring that information  is linked back to Service Manager and ensuring  control centre operators always have the correct information available.

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