Proactive Services | Tunstall Service Platform

What is it? 

Proactive Services allows wellbeing calls for service users to be pre-scheduled and made by operators in a control centre.
The application allows service providers to offer more enriched ongoing care and management of service users. Evidence shows that the implementation of a proactive service helps to reduce the number of critical alarms triggered and improves quality of service for the end user.

This application enhances the Tunstall Service Platform for service providers by offering a hands on, positive experience for service users.

Who is it for?

Service Providers Offering 24/7 monitoring service to:

  • Service users
  • Local authorities
  • Insurance providers
  • City councils etc.

How does it work?

The solution allows for annually, monthly, weekly, daily or customised frequency calls to be pre-arranged. The calls are then allocated to an operator in a date and time order to allow them to contact individual users for various reasons.
Calls can be scheduled for any reason, here are some examples:

  • Wellbeing checks
  • Social inclusion
  • Advice and information; social, nutrition, leisure
  • Support for specific situations; domestic violence, suicide, bereavement
  • Emergency care; natural disasters, extreme temperatures
  • Signposting to other services; healthcare, meals on wheels
  • Custom reminders; medication, appointments etc
  • Events; birthdays, anniversaries
  • Help with administrative tasks
  • Supporting self care at home
  • Marketing messages

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