CSL DualCom Safelink

What is it?

SafeLink ensures the continuous protection of people and property by monitoring telephone lines and providing a secondary secure communication path using any GPRS mobile network.

In grouped living environments such as sheltered housing schemes it is standard practice for community alarm equipment and fire alarm systems to share the use of a single telephone landline. If this line is already in use, if for example the scheme has dialled the monitoring centre as a result of an incident, any calls raised by the fire alarm panel can only be answered after the original call has been cleared down. This will result in valuable time elapsing and cause delays in the attendance of the emergency services to deal with any potential fire.

SafeLink always uses the secure mobile data network to send alerts from fire alarm systems to monitoring centres regardless of whether the landline is in use or even out of action. This ensures that the alarm is raised as quickly as possible.

SafeLink continuously monitors the telephone line to ensure it is operational, and raises the alarm at the monitoring centre if it detects a fault. The monitoring centre will be alerted within minutes of a telephone line problem and will still continue to receive scheme and fire alarms.

How does it work?

SafeLink is a small device which is quickly and easily fitted close to any community alarm control panel. It can connect to any telephone line (not just a BT line), and into any fire alarm system.

SafeLink will continually check the telephone line for line voltage and dial tone notifying the monitoring centre whithin 4 minuts if the line fails.

Regular test calls using a free phone number are also performed to ensure end-to-end calls can be made and received.

If a fire is detected and the alarm system triggered, SafeLink will signal a fire alarm to the monitoring centre via the secure mobile network, regardless of the telephone line’s status. Seconds later it will present as a fire call on the monitoring centre system to ensure operators are aware of the urgency.

SafeLink can monitor up to 12 separate inputs or system applications. One SafeLink installation can monitor community alarm equipment, fire alarm systems, security alarms and lift alarms for example.


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