Pressure mat

Discreetly monitors movement in the home.

Raises the alarm when pressure is detected

The pressure mat is suitable for people who live in a property at risk from intrusion or who require inactivity monitoring, such as those at risk of falling. Upon activation, an alarm output will be provided which can be hard wired into the home equipment or wireless, when used in conjunction with a Universal Sensor. The Pressure Mat is compatible with Lifeline home units and other Tunstall telecare enabled systems.

How does it work?

The pressure mat can be used to discreetly monitor a user's movements and inactivity – e.g. placed under carpets – and raises an alarm if no activity has been detected. It will also monitor for activity as part of the intruder functionality available on Tunstall home units.

Suitable for anyone living independently but at risk within their home.


  • Discreet installation - with minimum visual impact 
  • Dual use inactivity/intruder monitoring - providing two types of monitoring with one device 
  • Wireless operation - the Universal Sensor can be used to provide wireless radio messages

Enabling people to feel safe, secure and independent to live the life they choose.

Pressure mat

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