Medication Dispensers

Medication Dispensers

Medication Dispensers can be used to automatically provide access to medication over a 28 day period, providing audible and visual alerts to the user each time medication should be taken. If the user fails to access the medication, an alert is raised to the monitoring centre or carer so that action can be taken to ensure that the medication programme is maintained.


  • Wireless and portable dispenser for use anywhere
  • Easy to use tablet carousel, enabling user, informal or formal carers to simply replenish medication
  • Alerts if medication not taken at the correct time
  • Automatic low battery warning - ensures optimum operation at all times
  • Compatible with Tunstall Lifeline telecare systems
  • PivoTell MK3/11 dispenser allows for greater number of pills or larger tablets to be stored and dispensed
  • PivoTell Advance dispenser has a maximum of 28 doses with additional features:
    • A self-locking shutter preventing access to the tray, except at the time medication is programmed to be available
    • LCD display showing date, time, next dose due, number of doses remaining and battery level
    • Transportation alarm alerts the user if the tray is upside down during transit to prevent doses from being lost


  • Simple medication management to support independent living
  • Improved safety by reducing risk of errors, missed medication or overdosing
  • Reduces health problems associated with poor medication adherence
  • Reassurance that the correct medication is being taken reducing the burden on individuals family members and carers to remember daily medication

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