Tunstall Healthcare launches new intelligent care service at ITEC

Tunstall Healthcare launches new intelligent care service at ITEC

Mar 22, 2021

UK based, leading global provider of software solutions, services and technology for the telecare and telehealth markets, Tunstall Healthcare, has announced its new intelligent care offering; Tunstall Cognitive Care®.


Launched at the industry’s biggest annual event, The TSA’s International Technology Enabled Care Conference (ITEC) on 25 March, Tunstall Cognitive Care will feature in discussions on the future of technology-enabled health and care services with cross-industry leaders including Sir David Pearson, Chair of the Government’s COVID-19 social care sector taskforce; Janet Seward, Programme Manager at The DLF; and Nathan Downing, Head of Advisory Services at the TSA.

Tunstall Cognitive Care is a market leading innovation that will use advanced AI in combination with technology in the home to detect whether someone’s health could be about to deteriorate, spot a potentially undiagnosed condition, or resolve an immediate social care need.

Taking data from multiple sources, including motion sensors, smartphones, wearables and recordings, it provides a clear picture of the risks someone faces and ‘nudges’ them or their caregivers to respond, or alert a professional.

Gavin Bashar, UK Managing Director of Tunstall Healthcare, commented: “We are delighted to be exhibiting and launching our Cognitive Care model at the industry’s biggest conference. Although the pandemic has led to the conference moving online, virtual events are easily accessible and can draw significantly larger audiences than traditional in-person events. This is a great opportunity for us to share the next step in the evolution of our predictive care technology and showcase the future of digital healthcare provision.

“The Government’s recently published white paper; ‘working together to improve health and social care for all’, sets out legislative proposals to build on the collaborations generated during the pandemic, and shape a system that's better able to serve people in a fast-changing world.

“These plans to deliver a new model of care which is centralised and standardised, and places Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) in every area of England, to improve population health outcomes requires a base level of digital functionality if it is to succeed.”

Cognitive Care uses data from at-home monitoring devices to identify worrying changes in behaviour and suggest the most appropriate course of action. It is designed to improve quality of life for more people, while reducing the number of GP visits, ambulance callouts, hospital admissions and demand for local authority-funded residential care.

Gavin continued: “With our Cognitive Care model, we are investing in the improved delivery of health and care to enable the Government, and health and care providers, to facilitate planned reforms using data insight and intelligent technology. The system has been designed to build on the successes that telecare and remote health monitoring have already delivered, enabling more person-centred, proactive and community-based care.

“As we get closer to making Cognitive Care a reality, our goal is to give more people the freedom to live independently for longer and also ensure much-needed medical and social care resources are channelled to the areas that need them most.

“We have reached a turning point which has given us the opportunity to reflect on the changes that have taken place during COVID-19, and ensure we make the most of the speed at which technology has been implemented and the benefits it has delivered.”

Tunstall Healthcare has recently announced its involvement and sponsorship of the ADASS (Directors of Adult Social Services) and TEC Services Association (TSA) joint commission; and its collaboration with The DLF for the development of ProAssist, a groundbreaking new hub which makes it easier for health, housing and care professionals to prescribe equipment that enables vulnerable people to live independently.

Tunstall has been at the forefront of technology for the health, housing and social care sectors for more than 60 years. With an estimated 5 million users in 22 countries, it works across Europe, the Middle East and Australasia.


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