Tunstall and Sheffield Council | Working together to deliver excellent community alarm services

Working together to deliver excellent community alarm services

Nov 15, 2022

City Wide Care Alarms was seeking a telecare monitoring centre partner to handle all calls from its 8,200 connections, as well as liaising with its Responder service. Having gone to tender, how have they worked with Tunstall Response to ensure they offer a seamless service to the people they support?

How did Tunstall Response help?

City Wide Care Alarms (CWCA) and Tunstall Response worked closely together to agree a project plan, ensuring there would be no interruption to service. Sheffield have their own telephone lines for the service, so migration was simply a case of switching these over to Tunstall Response. Operators at CWCA now use Tunstall PNC to manage their own administration and reporting, and the service also deploys its own technicians for the installation and configuration of equipment. CWCA also has teams of Responders, working across the city 24 hours a day, with two teams on one of three shifts.

Tunstall Response handles approximately 500 inbound and almost 300 outbound calls a day on behalf of CWCA, with operators thoroughly trained to following its distinct workflow and protocols in response to alarm calls. Tunstall Response also triages calls, with operators giving service users the support they need themselves, or contacting neighbours, family members, the CWCA Responders or the emergency services as appropriate.



We have an excellent relationship with Tunstall Response. The transition was really smooth, and since they’ve been managing our calls we’ve seen improvements straight away. The software is the best out there, and the team we work with can’t do enough for you. Together we are delivering a fantastic service to our customers.

Stephen Cullen, Team Manager, City Wide Care Alarms

Delivering an excellent community alarm service

Since moving to Tunstall Response, calls to CWCA are being answered much more quickly than with their previous hosted service, improving the service user experience. Complaints have reduced from several a day to zero.

Operators prefer using PNC, finding it more intuitive to use, making it easier to create referrals, manage equipment and update service user information. Reporting is also easier, with CWCA having more flexibility in how they can design their own reports due to the specialist nature of PNC software.


Tunstall Response and CWCA work together to identify frequent callers, raising any safeguarding concerns and signposting to other services. Monthly reporting also identifies any changes in service user behaviour, such as an increase or decrease in alarm calls that may indicate a cause for concern which can then be addressed.

CWCA plans to grow the service in future, working closely with colleagues in social care and housing to include technology in strategic planning to help more people in Sheffield benefit from the support and reassurance brought by the service.

I would like to thank CWCA for all their hard work. My dad is at home due to health issues and has a CWCA alarm. I can honestly say as my dad’s wish is to be at home CWCA allows this, as if he has a fall he can press his pendant for help. When he has asked for assistance the team are truly amazing from the first call. The team who attend treat my dad with respect and kindness and make sure he is safe. Karen called me today and showed kindness and empathy to the situation and most of all support. I would like to thank every single person who is part of the team as you go above and beyond in your job.

Michelle, service user’s daughter

Tunstall Response offers a wide range of services, each tailored to the particular needs of the customer.

Offering more than just monitoring services, but other support, including disaster recovery, out of hours monitoring, out of hours emergency repairs triage, lone worker and hosted services. 

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