Safe Socketâ„¢

Prioritises phone line use to raise the alarm

A reliable, automated device to ensure alarm calls are raised

As Lifeline home units provide emergency support, they must be able to raise an alarm on the telephone line, even when another telephone within the property is being used or has accidentally been left off the hook. 

Until now, the only way to achieve this was to rewire all extension phones via the telephone socket in the Lifeline, to allow the Lifeline to seize the telephone line, which can involve a considerable amount of rewiring. This is becoming an increasingly common problem with people using multiple telephones and digital television receivers etc all on one line.



The Safe Socket™ ensures that alarm calls are raised even though the telephone line is in use. It allows the Lifeline home unit to seize the phone line from other connected devices to raise the alarm.

Seizes the phone line in an emergency


  • Increased safety by ensuring alarm calls are raised even if an extension phone is in use or left off the hook. 
  • Reduced installation costs - the Safe Socket™ avoids the needs to rewire extension phone lines via the Lifeline home unit, therefore saving installation time.
  • No batteries are required as the Safe Socket™ is powered by the telephone line, saving maintenance costs. 
  • Simple to install with no settings to adjust: the device just needs plugging in to the telephone line.

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How does it work?

When an alarm is raised from the Lifeline home unit, it detects the telephone line is in use and signals to the Safe Sockets™ to automatically cut the line to the connected telephone device. This frees the telephone line for the Lifeline to redial and raise an alarm call.

The Lifeline home unit must be connected directly to the BT wall socket and NOT via a Safe Socket™. All other devices utilising the same line (eg additional telephones, fax machines, modems, digital television receivers) must be connected to the telephone line via a Safe Socket™.


  • Ensures alarm calls are raised when the telephone line is in use or off the hook
  • Avoids the needs to rewire extension phone lines via the Lifeline home unit
  • Powered by the telephone line, therefore no batteries are required 
  • Simple to install

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