Dementia heroes honoured at national awards ceremony

May 2, 2023

The winner of the Outstanding Achievement category was announced at the final of the Dementia Hero Awards 2023, sponsored by Tunstall Healthcare and founded by Alzheimer’s Society, which took place on Friday 28th April in Birmingham.

Paul Harvey (who won the Outstanding Achievement category in 2021), Eamonn Dobbyn and Tim Little have been awarded for their involvement in consultations with commissioners which saw them share their own experiences with dementia. The trio’s work subsequently led to the co-design and delivery of a peer support service which saw the re-development of the young onset diagnosis service in Essex. A Memory Assessment service is now being piloted which provides clinics specifically for those under 65.

The trio all received individual early-onset dementia diagnoses in their 40s which have had significant impacts on each of their lives and those of their families.

In addition, their work with Alzheimer’s Society has enabled them to become involved in consultation work with the Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group which is designed to identify gaps and barriers in the region’s services. Through the sharing of their experiences, they pushed for the use of PET scans earlier to reduce the emotional distress of people waiting for a possible dementia diagnosis.

The Dementia Hero Awards, coordinated by Alzheimer’s Society, and the Outstanding Achievement category is supported by the leading global provider of health and care technology, Tunstall Healthcare. The awards recognise and celebrate the involvement and participation of people affected by dementia in activities and projects, focussing on engagement within their own communities.

Gavin Bashar, UK and Ireland Managing Director at Tunstall Healthcare, says: "We are incredibly proud to be sponsoring such inspiring awards. Paul, Eamonn and Tim, alongside all the other worthy winners, have shown huge commitment, fortitude and strength in supporting people living with dementia. Most of us have experienced the way dementia changes people’s lives, and these awards are about recognising those who show strength and compassion, and determination to make a difference.

"2023 is our second year working closely with the team to deliver these awards, and we are in awe of the individuals, groups and organisations who continue to make the world a better place for those living with dementia. I am proud and delighted to see these three dementia heroes recognised as part of the wonderful awards, and congratulate Paul, Eamonn and Tim on their well-deserved win.”

Tunstall Healthcare is working closely with Alzheimer’s Society to recognise the outstanding achievements of people living with dementia, and to raise awareness of the importance of technology in improving the engagement and involvement of people affected by dementia within their communities, and their own health and care provision.

Fiona Carragher, Director of Research & Influencing at Alzheimer’s Society, adds: “I’m so incredibly proud and inspired by everyone who was nominated for or won a Dementia Hero Award. All nominees deserve to be recognised for their influential work making a difference to people affected by dementia. Alzheimer’s Society is grateful for the continued support of its sponsor, Tunstall Healthcare. Working alongside businesses that also reach many vulnerable people is a pleasure and highlights the importance of raising awareness of the impact that dementia can have on those affected by it.”

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