The Digital Transformation Expert Guide Part 2

Glen Thorne, Head of Operations Development

Knowing where to start with digital transformation can be a minefield. As part of our continuous support to help our providers maximise the digital opportunities available, our series of expert blogs share insight from specialists at Tunstall Healthcare UK.  

The Digital Transformation Expert Guide Part 2: Glen Thorne

Dec 10, 2021

In the first part of our expert guide series, we spoke to Customer Support Manager, Hayden Pickup, on how the future of digital presents opportunities that will enhance the way care is delivered.

In the second part of our expert guide series, Glen Thorne, Head of Operations Development, discusses the development of care systems throughout his career and how Tunstall has adapted to these changes to bring a host of benefit-led solutions to both the care provider and end user...

I have worked at Tunstall for over 25 years in various roles, and over this time have seen a change in the way our customers view and use their warden call systems, with them now using them as a building management tool, as well as a life safety system.

Let’s not forget that the primary function of a social alarm is to enable the resident to call for assistance when needed. This being said, the link to the monitoring centre from a single system, integrating with other critical systems within the building has real benefits, especially now when site-based staff within these environments are rare. Using the Social Alarm as a hub, other systems can easily connect, enabling the monitoring centre to receive a range of messages from these connected systems. 

Some examples of this are:

  • Sprinkler flow activations
  • Fire, Part 1 and 6
  • Door automation failures
  • Plant/boiler alarms
  • Door security (doors left open)
  • Emergency lighting activation
  • Lift faults

Tunstall engineers can connect anything that has an output to the scheme system, enabling information messages to be sent and the appropriate action being taken remotely (via the monitoring centre).

But that’s just the start. Tunstall has vast experience in delivering a wide range of products and solutions, across the full life of these products, from initial design through to installation and service/maintenance. We are experts; independently assessed and accredited for many of these systems, and use partner companies where necessary for other specialist areas.

Fire detection and alarm systems, emergency lighting, CCTV, structured cabling, Wi-Fi, door Entry and access control, door automation, smoke ventilation systems, firefighting equipment, dry and wet risers and many more can be managed end-to-end by Tunstall, with the customer at the centre.

So, customers looking for peace of mind that their needs and requirements are understood and covered within a proposition or maintenance agreement are welcome to give us a call, for a single, expert point of contact. Everyone at Tunstall is here to help.

If you’d like more information on preparing for the digital transformation, get in touch here.

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