What is it?

Movi is a remote door entry device for use with Communicall Vi IP systems. Installed as part of the DECT system, it allows users to answer door calls, speak to callers and control access wherever they are on site.

Who is it for?

Attractive, simple to use and cost-effective, Movi is ideal for improving access management on a Communicall Vi IP scheme. It’s designed with accessible one-button functionality that makes it suitable for a wide range of end users.

It’s particularly useful for people who struggle to reach the room unit to answer door calls in time, or those who are often away from their room unit.

How does it work?

Movi devices connect to the existing Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony (DECT) system on a compatible Communicall Vi IP scheme.

After installation and configuration, calls from the door entry panel on the system will be simultaneously routed to both the Movi and the user’s room unit. This means that the user can wear the Movi and answer door calls from anywhere on-site within the area of DECT coverage.

When the Movi receives a door call, it flashes and emits a loud, distinctive doorbell tone. Users can answer the call by pressing the large button on
top of the device. This opens up a clear two-way speech path with the door panel. They can then open the door by pressing the button again, or end the call without opening the door by pressing and holding the button.

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