CSL DualCom WorldSIM

What is it?

The WorldSIM is a fixed price, true roaming SIM card for use in Critical Connectivity® applications such as telecare. The WorldSIM is routinely used by
telecare service providers for Lifeline applications, lone worker, tracking and health monitoring services. Used throughout Europe in both the care, and fire
and security sectors, the WorldSIM provides Critical Connectivity® for 300,000 people, properties and monitoring applications.

Who is it for?

Telecare services can be limited due to the lack of a suitable telephone line or a telephone line sited in the wrong location. GSM solutions used with standard single networks SIMs have proven to be unreliable as they are dependent upon the availability of a single network.

By using Tunstall’s Lifeline GSM equipped with a WorldSIM, care services can be provided where no suitable telephone connection exists. Reliable operation is available no matter which mobile network happens to be available in each location (subject to at least one suitable network in the location).

Costs are fixed (per month) no matter which mobile network is connected at any given time, or how often the service is used.

How does it work?

The WorldSIM is supplied ready to use, with no requirement for pre-registration or waiting time for the SIM to become live. When installed in the Tunstall Lifeline GSM home unit, the unit will search for a mobile network. 

Provided the aerial of the Lifeline GSM is installed in a suitable manner, away from interference and with its cable extended, the unit will be ready to use in minutes. The Lifeline GSM should also be sited in the best position within the home for a strong mobile signal with the signal strength tested using the unit’s integral keypad as part of the installation. Should the mobile network fail for some reason, the WorldSIM provides access to another mobile network. There is no “network steering” applied to the WorldSIM and no commercial preference when it comes to selecting a new network, thus increasing reliability.


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