Bogus Caller Button

What is it?

The bogus caller button is a small, discreet, MyAmie alarm trigger which has been pre-programmed with bogus caller functionality and allows the user to raise an alarm if they feel uncomfortable due to a visitor at their door.

How does it work?

The bogus caller button should be located near the front or back door to allow an alarm call to be easily and discreetly placed to the monitoring centre.

When pressed, the bogus caller button activates a silent call for help to the monitoring centre. The operator can advise the user and listen to and record the call, escalating the situation if required and can provide evidence admissible in court.

Who is it for?

The bogus caller button is suitable for anyone of any age living independently who may need to raise an alarm to request assistance. The bogus caller button can offer peace of mind and an extra level of support. It can be particularly useful for older, infirm or disabled people, individuals who have recently been discharged from hospital or vulnerable people who could be at risk of crime or domestic abuse.

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