Big Button Telephone

Big Button Telephone

What is it?

The big button phone is an analogue telephone specifi cally designed for people with limited dexterity, hearing or visual impairments. This telephone has large black button keys with white numbering, which are the colours recommended by the RNIB in order to maximise contrast making it easy to use, particularly for the visually impaired.

Who is it for?

It is ideal for those with limited dexterity or hearing and visual impairments or anyone that has difficulty using a standard telephone.

How does it work?

Specifi cally designed to provide an easy to use telephone, the Big Button Phone can be used in conjunction with a Lifeline home unit or as a standalone telephone. The Big Button Phone is hearing aid compatible and has volume controls for the handset to support hearing impaired users. The phone also provides a volume control for the incoming ringing tone and a bright call indicator, ideal for alerting hearing impaired users to incoming telephone calls.

The phone also has a memory function including 3 fast dial numbers for programming to family and friends telephone numbers, last number redial and can be table or wall mounted.


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