Flood Detector

Flood Detector

The detector provides an early warning of flood situations, such as taps being left on.

The flood detector should be placed on a flat surface close to a bath, wash basin, toilet or sink, where a flood or leak is likely to occur.


  • Audible flood detection alarm
  • Automatic flood alert sent to a monitoring centre
  • Small and compact radio sensor unit
  • Transmission to Class 1 radio receiver
  • Dedicated and reliable radio signals for linking Tunstall telecare enabled systems
  • Optimum radio battery operation with 5 year battery life and low battery warnings


  • Provides reassurance and extra protection for people living independently
  • Prevents flood damage caused by blocked sinks, toilets or unattended taps being left on
  • Easy to install directly onto a flat surface, with no fixture or fitting required
  • Reduces the consequences of flooding such as long term health impact, dangerous accidents and damage to furnishings and electrical equipment
  • Reduces repair costs and helps to prevent increased insurance premiums
  • Delivers coverage throughout the home with an extensive radio range of up to 50m

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