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Tunstall Healthcare develops innovative platform to support cross-sector digital transformation

Tunstall Healthcare develops innovative platform to support cross-sector digital transformation

Jun 9, 2021

UK based, leading global provider of software solutions, services and technology for the telecare and telehealth markets, Tunstall Healthcare, has developed a new platform to support vulnerable people, and the UK’s transition from analogue to digital by 2025.

Tunstall Service Platform (TSP) is a connected care software platform that underpins the day-to-day activity of Alarm Receiving Centres, particularly those coordinated by local authorities and social housing providers. It has been designed to support the complex processes involved in accessing, planning and delivering care to vulnerable adults living in the community.

The platform enables reactive and proactive care and supports the entire service user journey, making it seamless and personalised thanks to its four unique offerings; PNC (call handling), service manager, fieldforce manager, and proactive services.

With the UK’s national telecoms infrastructure providers announcing a full move from analogue to IP voice telephone services by 2025, TSP has been designed to be interoperable, and can connect with both analogue and digital technology across a range of digital protocols, including products delivered by other assistive technology providers. Able to evolve at pace, Tunstall’s platform will support the creation of faster, more data rich, and integrated solutions.

Gavin Bashar, UK Managing Director of Tunstall Healthcare, commented: “The delivery of digital and mobile technology represents a huge opportunity to improve quality of life. As technology has developed and digital services become more widely used, particularly during the pandemic, our current network has become expensive to update and maintain, resulting in the decision by our telecommunications providers to replace these systems with IP enabled data networks.”

TSP is scalable and modular, and can flex to the requirements of various organisations and their service users. The platform also reduces the requirement for manual processes, and supports the transfer of up-to-date information via communication between key stakeholders, such as mobile service engineers.

Gavin continued: “The journey to 2025 will be characterised by a change in approach towards much greater collaboration. At Tunstall we will support this change by continuing to partner with housing providers and local authorities to integrate care delivery, manage demand, develop strategy and redesign services. Our Service Platform in particular has been designed to support the delivery of person centred, proactive, preventative, and sustainable services using digital technology as an enabler. ”

The announcement of Tunstall Service Platform follows the recent launch of Tunstall’s new intelligent care offering; Tunstall Cognitive Care®, a market leading innovation which uses advanced AI in combination with technology in the home to detect whether someone’s health could be about to deteriorate, spot a potentially undiagnosed condition, or resolve an immediate social care need.

Tunstall has been at the forefront of technology for the health, housing and social care sectors for more than 60 years. With an estimated 5 million users in 22 countries, it works across Europe, the Middle East and Australasia.

For more information, please visit https://www.tunstall.com/innovation/platforms/#

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