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Third Line Disaster Recovery Service

Third Line Disaster Recovery Service

Whilst Disaster Recovery (DR) is an essential component of all telecare services some customers may wish to have the security of a third line DR service designed to activate in the event their own DR plan fails such as: 

  • Customer primary centre is closed due to a mass COVID-19 outbreak affecting the call handlers
  • Customer primary data centre suffers an outage due to a technical fault and is unable to invoke their DR site due to shortage of trained staff
Tunstall Technical Engineers can develop a customer specific plan which includes:
  • DR service set-up (initial data transfer, database build, ongoing data replication and telephone diverts)
  • DR infrastructure development and deployment
  • 24/7 call handling provided by experienced Tunstall Response call handlers
This service is available to monitoring centres using PNC7 and PNC8.
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Tunstall’s Connected Care and Health solutions can form an effective part of the response to the COVID-19 outbreak, helping to monitor and support people at home, reduce pressure on the NHS, provide more preventative and proactive care, reduce social isolation and respond to emergencies.
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