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Configuring PNC for Remote Working

Configuring PNC for Remote Working

For some PNC customers it may be possible to enable temporary remote working for call handlers. This will require Tunstall Support Engineers to conduct a technical review and GAP analysis as any potential solutions will depend on local arrangements at each customer site.

Deploying solutions may involve:
  • Reconfiguring existing PNC networks to allow some call handlers to work from home
  • Providing new hardware, and additional phone lines
  • Enabling call handlers to work in separate locations within their place of work thus maintaining the recommended 2 metre social distancing advice
  • Potentially implementing a temporary hosted environment where possible

At least one call handler should be onsite at any time to ensure the service is not wholly dependent on remote workers.

This consultation service is available to all PNC customers and Tunstall will endeavour to find a workable solution wherever possible.
For further information regarding any of our COVID-19 solutions please contact your local Tunstall Account Manager or 
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Tunstall’s Connected Care and Health solutions can form an effective part of the response to the COVID-19 outbreak, helping to monitor and support people at home, reduce pressure on the NHS, provide more preventative and proactive care, reduce social isolation and respond to emergencies.
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