Data Backup Policy

Purpose and context of this Notice

The Tunstall Healthcare Group including Tunstall Healthcare (UK) Ltd, (‘Tunstall’ or ‘the Company’) is committed to protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its data and information.

Tunstall data and information are copied through supported backup technologies at database and at system level. At the database level, real-time replication technologies that maintain integrity are deployed for those services requiring high availability and a short recovery point objective (RPO). Encryption technology is deployed wherever possible when data is at rest, and in transit.

Backups are replicated and stored securely off-site at Tunstall and accredited supplier centres ensuring there is a backup at a different location to that of the primary data storage for business continuity. Removable media is used by exception and, if used, is encrypted and securely stored.

Standard backup regime


Type of Backup
Retention Period
Daily Incremental backups 7 days
Weekly Full backups 1 month
Monthly Full backups 1 year
Annually Full backups As required by system data retention policy – up to 7 years









Backups are automated and success is tracked. There are alerts on failures and a procedure exists to check backup status and resolve daily. Tunstall tests its backups at random through a weekly restore process and within regular disaster recovery tests following its standard operating procedures.