PNC | Tunstall Service Platform

What is it? 

PNC is a real time call handling solution to manage and respond to alarms that are triggered by a service user or a device. It provides the ability to respond to a high number of calls coming into a control centre from multiple sources.

As part of the Tunstall Service Platform, PNC can support multi tenancy, and multiple protocols, both analogue and digital.

Who is it for?

Service Providers Offering 24/7 monitoring service to:

  • Service users
  • Local authorities
  • Insurance providers
  • City councils etc.

How does it work?

When an alarm is triggered, it sends a call to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). PNC triages the type of alarm coming in and directs the call to an operator to manage the call. PNC provides the operator with all the information they need to respond effectively and provide the end user with the support they need.
It details the individual’s information, information about their home, which equipment they have as part of their agreement and medical and emergency contact details.
The operator can directly call any of the emergency services, next of kin or medical professionals, depending on the type of incident the service user has encountered.

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