Digital Noticeboard

What is it?

The Digital Noticeboard is a wall-mounted large monitor, designed to be situated in the communal area of housing with care environments to provide residents and visitors with the latest news about their home and community. It can be updated onsite or remotely, and content is bespoke to individual schemes.

Who is it for?

The Digital Noticeboard gives housing providers a simple to use method of communicating relevant information to the people it supports. Content can include third party information, such as the local weather forecast, as well as events particular to the scheme, such as social gatherings or onsite contacts.

The Digital Noticeboard helps residents to feel socially included by providing them with up to date information about events, and connects schemes to their communities by promoting these events to visitors.

How does it work?

The Digital Noticeboard is a 42” wall-mounted monitor, driven by a small Internet connected PC, which is mounted behind the monitor.

The Noticeboard application retrieves content from a mixture of Internet based providers e.g. BBC News, and content supplied by the housing provider/scheme manager, accessed via Google Drive and Calendar.

Each Noticeboard requires a dedicated Google account to be created. Information content can be edited using PowerPoint or other software capable of saving content as images. The images are then saved onto Google Drive and automatically transferred to the Digital Noticeboard PC by Google Drive synchronisation. What’s On content is updated using Google Calendar and this information will be automatically displayed on the Noticeboard using Google services.

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