What is it?

Canary is a discreet, easy to install, activities of daily living system that can provide round the clock reassurance and support to formal and informal carers. Discreet wireless sensors in the home generate data which is accessed via a secure website. Health, housing and social care professionals, as well as family members, can see whether a person:

  • Went to bed at the usual time and if they had a disturbed night
  • Visited the kitchen to prepare meals and drinks
  • Received visitors
  • Left the house and for how long
  • Has a comfortable temperature in each room

The system creates a picture of an individual’s daily habits and how they are responding to care services.

It provides an invaluable assessment tool, helping to plan ongoing care and identifying where telecare, for example, could offer support and help to manage risk, based on objectively identified individual needs.

How does it work?

Small wireless sensors in each room of the house detect movement, temperature and light levels in order to generate a dashboard of activity as the person goes about their daily life. The package includes 4 movement sensors, 2 door sensors and the controller. The sensors are attached to walls or door frames using contact strips, which are easily removed once the system is no longer required.

The controller plugs into a standard electrical power socket, and receives data from the sensors which it then transmits via the mobile phone network to the secure Canary server.

The Canary Web Portal can be accessed by authorised users from anywhere at any time. A simple dashboard is presented with the option of drilling down for more detail. Personalised alerts may be set up and sent via email or SMS e.g. living room temperature is over 25oC. 

Each package is also supplied with a Canary Visitor Card which can be used to log arrival and departure of specific regular visitors to the home.

Solutions can be tailored for individuals living in their own homes, with or without an onsite carer, or for people living in extra care facilities with staff present 24 hours a day.


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