Digital Transition Resource Pack

As the UK continues its transition to a fully digital communications network by 2025, Tunstall has developed a range of materials to help its customers communicate clearly with the people they support about what the change will mean for them.

Many end users are unaware of the upgrade, and providers need to ensure they are not only prepared for the digital future in terms of equipment and services, but also in making sure their service users understand the impact of the switch on them in order to avoid any anxiety or distress.

With this in mind, we’ve developed some materials to help providers inform their customers about the digital transition, its benefits and how it may affect the service they receive. These include:

They’re FREE to download and use for all Tunstall customers.

If you need any product images, please see the relevant product page on this website.

We’ll be updating and adding to this page as we develop more materials, but if there’s anything else you need, please click below to email us and we’ll try to help.

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