Tunstall Connect

Tunstall Connect

Tunstall Connect offers Local Authorities, Housing Associations and other service providers to rapidly deploy a solution to large numbers of people at risk of social isolation without the need for investment in capital equipment.

Tunstall Connect is a smart device app that enables Tunstall Response to schedule wellbeing calls with individuals who do not have traditional telecare devices and solutions.

Users can easily download the app to their Android or iOS device, and once activated, will enable two-way contact services with Tunstall Response.

Service users will receive a daily wellbeing call from Tunstall Response which they are able to opt out of using the I’m OK button in the app.

The app also features an 'Make a Wellbeing Call' button, which will raise a call at Tunstall Response if the user wants to request help.

Tunstall Connect has GPS functionality, which can be used after a period of social isolation to provide reassurance away from home.

This service is suitable for individuals who could benefit from a Wellbeing Call service but do not require a full telecare solution.

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