Natural gas detector

Detects gas leaks and raises the alarm.

A wireless, indoor gas safety sensor 

The natural gas alarm detects gas leaks in the home and raises an alarm to request help and support. The natural gas detector (fixed installation) can be particularly beneficial to households with small children, those living with limited mobility or learning difficulties, plus older people and individuals experiencing long term health conditions such as dementia, epilepsy or diabetes. The local alarm is supplemented with the capability of contacting a 24 hour monitoring centre.

Peace of mind around gas appliances


  • Protects people in their home from the danger of gas leaks. 
  • Reduces risks from using gas and solid fuel appliances. 
  • Round the clock support with gas detection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when linked to a Tunstall system.

An extra level of safety and reassurance

How does it work?

The gas detector alarm provides an accurate and reliable wireless warning system that raises an alarm call to a scheme manager or monitoring centre via a Lifeline home unit or Tunstall telecare enabled system, if a dangerous gas leak is detected within the home. The natural gas detector should be installed by a competent person qualified to carry out electrical work in accordance with current wiring regulations. The installer should refer to the current edition of the European Standard EN 50244. The Tunstall Natural Gas Detector (fixed installation) is a sensor complying with EN50194 (Type A) which detects gas leaks.


  • Audible alarm when gas is detected
  • Automatic alert sent to a monitoring centre
  • Reliable transmission to Class 1 radio receiver
  • Dedicated and reliable radio signals for linking to Tunstall telecare enabled systems

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