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ConnectiON – Issue 14

Welcome to Issue 14 of ConnectiON.

Despite its clear challenges, 2021 seems to be passing very quickly, and taking us ever closer to the completion of the UK communications network’s move from analogue to digital provision. With just over three years to go until the transition is complete, we continue to work closely with our customers to help them plan for the digital future at their own pace. You can find out more about the support we can offer, and the solutions availableon page 2. Whether you’re ready to embrace all that digital has to offer as soon as possible, or you’d like to take a more phased approach, we have the expertise and resources to help you develop and implement the digital strategy that’s right for you.

Also included are some great examples of the ways we are working with our customers and partners to change things for the better for people who need care and support in the UK, both now and in the future.

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Issue 14 - 06/09/2021

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With BT announcing that by 2025 everyone will have been moved from analogue to IP voice telephone services, the UK's switch to digital is imminent. Visit our Digital Journey page for more information on how we can support you in the journey to 2025 and beyond

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