COVID-19: Tunstall’s Response and Solutions

Gavin Bashar, UK Managing Director of Tunstall Healthcare, discusses the propositions from Tunstall that can support society’s most vulnerable through the uncharted territory of a worldwide pandemic.

COVID-19: Tunstall’s Response and Solutions

May 15, 2020

Tunstall Healthcare has developed three propositions to respond to the current COVID-19 emergency and bolster contingency plans for similar scenarios in the future. These propositions either support individuals in the care system directly, or provide solutions for the NHS, Local Authorities and Housing Associations.

Tunstall Response, Tunstall Connect and Tunstall Integrated Care Platform have been directly developed in response to the current situation and can play a vital role in helping to address the impact of COVID-19, such as the detrimental effect to the mental and physical health of individuals, and can also ensure vulnerable members of society feel cared for. This can be delivered by housing associations and social landlords remotely, including those who are at high-risk, people self-isolating for long periods and those with limited support networks.

The Tunstall Response proactive call service utilises our existing community alarm service. Using regular outbound calls, operators can check in, offer advice and appropriately escalate any deterioration in wellbeing to other service providers.

We’re also introducing a smart device app, Tunstall Connect, that can enable operators, such as housing associations and social landlords, of Tunstall Response to keep in touch with vulnerable tenants who are self-isolating, without the need for a traditional community alarm system.

Our Integrated Care Platform is a proposition which enables sophisticated health monitoring. Users download an app which allows them to record vital sign readings and answer health questionnaires at home. The data can then be remotely reviewed via an online portal which supports management of chronic illness, and provides support for individuals recently discharged from hospital.

The current public health crisis, which many would consider the worst for a generation, is placing significant pressures on our health, housing and social care services. Technology can support us in addressing these immediate challenges presented by the current emergency, and offer effective resolutions.

Health, housing and social care professionals can also use technology to deliver a robust platform for health and care delivery, connecting people to enable more proactive and preventative care. Investment in technology solutions now will also mean we have a sustainable and scalable network in place should we ever have to face such a crisis again.

Collaboration between housing, social care, and health are crucial if we are to deliver users with a better quality of life and more independence. Although TEC plays a fundamental part in improving outcomes for people, its inclusion is not always seen as important at conception when the  health, social care and housing sectors are being developed.

By understanding how these three sectors are already connected we can establish further opportunities to harness digital technology over the next decade. This in turn, will enable us to effectively support people independently at home and in their communities into the next decade and beyond.

Progress in technology will benefit a huge number of people however health, housing and social care providers need to become more progressive and embrace available opportunities. As we live longer, demands on public services will increase and the impact of the changing health and care landscape needs to be considered. Professionals must continue exploring how they can improve the support they deliver and the ways in which TEC can help their customers live well later in life.

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COVID-19 Solutions

Tunstall has always played a role in helping to protect some of the most vulnerable people in our society, and so as a business we have looked to see how we can do even more to help our customers and the people they support during these unprecedented times. As a result we are introducing a range of new services.

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COVID-19/Coronavirus Customer Resources

We are working hard to offer solutions to help our customers and the vulnerable during this difficult time. We have created a COVID19/Coronavirus Customer Resource Page that will evolve as more resources become available.

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