Tunstall - shaping the future of healthcare

Zillah Moore, Marketing Director at Tunstall Healthcare gives an overview of recent press coverage.

Tunstall - shaping the future of healthcare

Mar 10, 2020

Tunstall was featured in The Times this week, in a special edition of the Raconteur pull-out exploring the future of healthcare. The article described how Tunstall’s solutions are helping its customers to address challenges associated with an ageing population and financial constraints such as falls, deteriorating health and loneliness.

Gordon Sutherland, Group CEO, explained how it’s not just the technology itself, but how it can be used to support innovation in the integration of health and social care, changing the way these services have been traditionally delivered. He also shared how our latest generation of solutions are paving the way for more connected and predictive care.

The article also featured our success working with NHS Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group, establishing the Quest for Quality in Care Homes. The programme combined telecare and telehealth systems with a multi-disciplinary team to improve care and outcomes for residents of care homes in Calderdale. Results included a 68% year-on-year reduction in hospital bed days, 26% year-on-year reduction in hospital admissions, 45% reduction in GP care visits compared to homes not in the programme and savings of £799,561 due to reduced hospital stays.

Chief Executive of the TEC Services Association (TSA) commented in the piece, highlighting the importance of technology in making care more person-centred, and designed around the service user to deliver the right outcomes for them.

It’s a fascinating article, which gives a great overview of the benefits of the ways technology is being used in health and social care today, and also a glimpse of its future potential as Tunstall continues to work in partnership with its customers to transform services using technology to deliver increased insight and better outcomes.

You can read the full article here.

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