Lancashire County Council – Telecare at Scale

Lancashire County Council – Telecare at Scale

Sep 10, 2018

We are increasingly focusing on ways of helping people to better look after their own health and wellbeing, and developing service delivery models that enable more people to be supported in their local community. We’ve made a clear commitment to embed telecare into our services to help us to provide better outcomes and enable a more efficient and effective integrated care system for the future.

Tony Pounder, Director of Adult Services, Lancashire County Council

The Challenge

The health and social care system is facing enormous challenges, as people are living longer often with more complex care needs and health conditions. It is essential to find new approaches that enable more efficient and effective care, and support people to live independently with better outcomes.

How has Lancashire County Council’s increased use of telecare supported the development of new service delivery models that enable more people to live independently at home or in their local community with better outcomes?

What We Did

Lancashire County Council appointed Tunstall as a Development Partner in 2015, to guide and shape the way adult social care telecare services are delivered for Lancashire County Council for up to seven years. Telecare is just part of an integrated care model, across social care, housing and health, which aims to generate efficiencies through coordinated care delivery, deliver better outcomes and significantly improve the user experience for Lancashire’s citizens. Tunstall appointed Progress Housing Group as lead subcontractor, and is also working closely with West Lancashire Borough Council, and Together Housing Group a county-wide service.


The service is free to those eligible under the Care Act 2014 and is now being used by 8,892 (31 July 2018) people to help maintain independence and safety, with approximately 350 referrals being received each month.

This evaluation is expected by the end of 2018, but initial results are as follows:

  • Around 50% of the people using telecare don’t need any other long-term support from the Council
  • Around 50% receive other support, including 35% with a home care package
  • For the 35% of service users receiving telecare and a homecare package versus just a homecare package the average saving is £12.77 saving per service user per week (April 2017 – April 2018, 2,716 residents). This equates to a saving of £1,803,532 per year.


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