Kingsdale - Working in partnership to deliver excellent service and maintenance

Kingsdale - Working in partnership to deliver excellent service and maintenance

Jun 22, 2017

When an incident occurred with our system, Tunstall had only taken over the maintenance at Queen Anne Court a couple of weeks previously. For them to be able to identify and rectify such a major fault so quickly, especially as it was not a Tunstall system, was fantastic. They proved to us right from the start that they deliver a quality service and are experts at what they do.

Sue Richards, Court Manager, Kingsdale Group


Kingsdale Group is an independent property management company established in 1994, which specialises in the management of sheltered and traditional retirement developments.

How can the Group ensure it is achieving best value without compromising the quality of service it receives for the maintenance of potentially life-saving equipment?

What We Did

In 2012, Tunstall won the contract to provide the service and maintenance of the community alarm equipment on 34 Kingsdale Group schemes, or Courts in Kingsdale’s terminology. Most of these Courts also have contracts in place for fire systems, emergency lighting and CCTV which have also been placed with Tunstall, ensuring cost effective, integrated services from a single provider.

The contract was based on a schedule of rates, providing transparent pricing and ensuring Kingsdale has visibility and is able to control costs effectively throughout the duration of the contract.

Throughout the life of the contract regular meetings have been held at Kingsdale Head Office and at Courts throughout the UK. Every six weeks, the Tunstall Regional Service Manager, Area Service Manager and Programme Delivery Manager meet with the local Court Manager and Managers from other nearby Courts to discuss the ongoing management and delivery of the contract.


  • Owners benefit from reassurance of expert assistance
  • Tunstall achieved 98.9% of contract requirements
  • 100% proactive maintenance visits completed on time by Tunstall
  • Integrated service provision – community alarms, fire, emergency lighting and CCTV all under one cost effective contract
  • Standardised approach from a single provider across all Courts
  • Dedicated engineers providing consistent support

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