ICP triagemanager and myMobile

Remote monitoring of discharged, isolated and quarantined patients

ICP triagemanager and myMobile

Tunstall’s Integrated Care Platform (ICP) is an approved, tried and tested Class 1 medical device that can enable health and care provider organisations to monitor patients and individuals remotely.

The combination of app and software enables the solution to be rapidly deployed and can support:
  • Management of patients who have recently been discharged from hospital, reducing the risk of readmission during a time of increased pressure on
    hospital resources
  • Monitoring of patients and individuals health and wellbeing who are self-isolating
  • Remote working of clinical staff and service teams employing social distancing

myMobile is an intuitive, end user facing app that can be downloaded onto user’s Android or iOS smartphones and tablets.

ICP triagemanager is a browser based portal that enables clinicians and service teams to remotely monitor patients.

The portal allows clinicians to:
  • Build questionnaires that can be published to patients via myMobile to monitor health and wellbeing parameters including vital signs
  • Triage patients using a simple based traffic light prioritisation system enabling users to identify patients most in need of intervention
  • Directly communicate with patients
  • Provide educational content to patients
  • Deploy tailored questionnaires that remotely capture and document patients health and wellbeing status day by day on the COVID-19 relevant symptoms along with potential mental health issues related to social isolation
  • Utilise Tunstall approved questionnaires to monitor patients with COPD, heart failure and diabetes
The ICP triagemanager and myMobile solution is suitable for customers wishing to provide remote monitoring services for patients who:
  • Have recently been discharged from hospital
  • Suffer from chronic conditions such as COPD, heart failure and diabetes
  • Are at risk of, or have contracted, COVID-19
  • Are at risk from mental health issues caused by social isolation
myMobile and triagemanager are ideally positioned for monitoring self-isolating populations during the COVID-19 epidemic.

myMobile How to Videos

We have created a selection of videos designed to help you with many common tasks on our myMobile app.

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Tunstall’s Connected Care and Health solutions can form an effective part of the response to the COVID-19 outbreak, helping to monitor and support people at home, reduce pressure on the NHS, provide more preventative and proactive care, reduce social isolation and respond to emergencies.
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