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A Unique Space

Tunstall has been creating innovative products and services to help older people and those with long term needs to live life to the full since 1957. Our innovation and technology centre is where we turn ideas into reality, creating the next generation of digital care and health solutions.

Our Innovations in Practice

The Innovation Centre has been designed to help incubate, analyse and develop innovative ideas and solutions from around the world. This helps shape the future roadmap, by providing a space for customers, academics and partners to contribute their ideas and requirements to the development process.

Immerse Yourself in the Innovation Zones


Integrated Care

This zone features a mixture of high touch services driven by intelligent software which coordinates the efficient delivery of health & social care services. It analyses the use of big data as a means to respond proactively, preventing unnecessary admissions and promoting wellbeing.


The App Bar

This zone includes a telehealth area, showcasing the latest solutions, links to monitoring software and group living system demonstrations


The Connected Home

This zone utilises the Lifeline home unit to demonstrate services which respond to bespoke trigger points based on the user's activities and lifestyle habits. It showcases how this data can be connected to the users formal and informal care network to improve wellbeing.


The Workshop

A collaborative area where we develop a proactive, interoperable approach with partnering organisations and complementary products.

The Dev Room

This zone is used to demonstrate some of the raw thinking and research behind the concepts demonstrated throughout the centre to show users the considerations and requirements that have driven the product design. It features thinking and trends from around the world.

Our Innovation Centre visit from start to finish was packed full of useful information regarding the digital transition and how best to prepare ourselves. It was great to have a look around the museum, as well as explore the Innovation Centre zones, and hear about the approach being used to proactively manage care in the UK and around the world.

Emily Riley, Beep Assist - Futures Housing Group

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Tunstall has been developing pioneering telehealthcare products for over fifty years. These are backed by advice, support and after sales services and a Customer Satisfaction Centre that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Tunstall’s portfolio of products and services is underpinned by our global experience of using technology to enable new models of care, working in partnership with our customers to manage demand and improve outcomes across the health, housing and social care landscape.

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