The Digital Journey

Transitioning from Analogue to Digital

With BT, our national telecoms infrastructure provider, announcing that by 2025 everyone will have been moved from analogue to IP voice telephone services, the UK's switch to digital is inevitable and imminent.

The benefits of digital, provided by Internet Protocol (IP) technology are clear:

  • Fast access to the services your users need
  • A cutting-edge network, giving you meaningful real-time data
  • Quickly and easily update and upgrade all your devices centrally
  • Add new services and integrate with other service providers
  • Use intelligent connectivity solutions with in-built back-ups
  • Keep in touch through apps, video calls and notifications

Our focus is to develop services to enable users, families and providers to harness the power this digital transformation will bring, and to underpin the delivery of cost effective and co-ordinated health and social care.  

We will help you provide… 

  • Intelligent, unobtrusive, person centred care.
  • Personalised, proactive and predictive services to improve quality of life.
  • Integrated health, housing and social care.

The Digital Challenge

The technology used to support our enabled care systems throughout the UK has remained largely unchanged for the last 40 years, relying on analogue voice calls over a public switch telephone network (PSTN). As technology has developed and digital services become more widely used this network has become expensive to update and maintain, resulting in the decision by our telecommunications providers to replace these systems with IP enabled data networks by 2025.

There are still some unknowns and challenges around how our national infrastructure will change, along with concerns over data sharing, privacy and security which will all need to be resolved. Our plan is to negotiate these challenges on behalf of our customers, whilst continuing our focus on innovation and development to build strong cloud based digital foundations for the future.

A Massive Opportunity

The delivery of digital and mobile technology represents a huge opportunity to improve quality of life, making it easier for formal and informal carers to provide the right level of care. It also dramatically increases the choices available to enable people to remain active and thrive in their own homes as they age.

The journey to 2025 will be characterised by a change in approach towards much greater collaboration, most importantly by joining up care systems and service providers, to the benefit of all stakeholders.

We will continue to partner with the public sector to integrate care delivery, manage demand, develop strategy and redesign services. We will focus on more person centred, proactive, preventative, and sustainable services using digital technology as an enabler.

Latest News
Openreach have announced their FTTP Fibre First Towns, Cities and Boroughs Build Programme on a 12 month forward looking basis.
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